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Current Unit Owner Forms

  Insurance Verification form :

New owners and owners who change their insurance carriers or have significant policy changes must submit a new form. Download and print this form and submit by mail.

  Change of Address form :

All owners are legally required to provide an official change of address if not living in the unit and any/every time you move.
You can download and print this form and submit by mail to notify the Association of your new address.

NOTE: For legal reasons the provided address must be the unit owner's permanent address and not a third party like a leasing property manager.


If you are just closing on your unit - it is important that your closing attorney provides to the Association what your official mailing address will be after your purchase. Will it be at the unit or otherwise?

We will only have the address provided by your closing attorney as your official mailing until you provide a change of address. Not receiving our mailings because you or your closing attorney failed to provide a proper address will not excuse you from consequences like late fees for over due assessments.

If you are not sure what address your attorney provided to us or you know it was not right address for you to receive your mail - please go ahead and submit this form to be sure we have the correct address.

  Refinancing Authorization to Release Information Form :

Many times refinancing is a relatively simple procedure and does not require involvement of the Association - in which case you don't need to do anything with us. However that does depend on your lender's procedures so check with them.

If you are refinancing and we become involved in anyway - this creates two main issues: (1) there are direct expenses for which we must be reimbursed and (2) we need your authorization to release information about you. The Association needs to have in hand your release of credit/account information before we can provide any information to your lender, closing attorney or any other third party. NOTE: If any specific 3rd party is not listed - we will not respond.

If the Association will be or becomes involved - we must have your Refinancing Service fee of $30 before we can respond to any inquiries and your Authorization Release form before we can provide any informaton specific to your account. For your convenience we have provided a form for you to use (see link) which you will need to print, fill out and return by mail with your check enclosed.

Please refer to the FAQ - Refinancing page for more information.

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