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2016 Budget


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Updated: Feb 2012.

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Updated: July 2013.


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2016 Budget:

The following budget is based on expected direct expenses to the Association for the normal conduct of business and the direct expenses of shared services (insurance of the common areas, lawn care, building maintenance etc) and utilities (water to all units, street lighting).

Non-Association related expenses (or the direct expense of the Association due to the actions of persons related to a unit) are accessed back to individual unit owners.

Budgeted Revenue is base on monthly assessments - currently $158/month - due on the 1st of each month. Additional revenue may be received throughout the year from Late Fees, interest on bank accounts, reimbursements by unit owners for non-Association related expenses, user fees, and any other misc payments. These revenue figures are not included in the budget projections due to unpredictability.

A $25 late fee is automatically applied if a unit has an outstanding balance greater than $50 on the 25th of the month. Payments can only be received by check or money order via mail at the Association's Post Office box.

Appeals of accessed charges including late fees can only be reviewed if submitted in writing and addressed to the Board. The Property Manager is not authorized nor allowed to remove, reverse or reduce any assessments or charges without explicit instructions from the Board. Therefore, appeals cannot and will not be processed over the phone.

NOTE: In 2012, the Board of Directors choose once again (for the fifth year) not to raise assessments for the coming year. One of the factors that the Board considered is the fact that most owners consistently pay assessments in full and on time. There are a few exceptions and we actively pursue any delinquent accounts.

Although the assessments were not raised for 2012, the community, much like your personal budget, is experiencing increasing expenses. The Board carefully considers the necessity of any and all repairs and improvements. Necessary repairs will be performed base on the responsibility of the Association for such work (see Who Does What sheet as a quick guide), level of necessity as determined by the Board and budgetary constraints.

The monthly dues covers the following line items:
  • Electricity - Common Area Lighting
  • Insurance - Liability; Common Area Grounds
  • Termite Inspection/Bond
  • Dumpster Rental
  • Bank Service Charges
  • Management Fees
  • Office Supplies/Printing
  • Postage & Box Rental
  • Rental Storage
  • Landscaping Contract/Tree Work/Extras
  • Gutter Cleaning/Repair/Replacement
  • Maintenance/Repairs/Supplies
  • Outside Waterine Repairs ($0 Budgeted - may be assessed seperately)

2016 Operating Funds:
Data is in the process of being updated
Monthly assessments - currently $158/month - due on the 1st of each month.
  • Water
    (household only - no irrigation)
  • Operating & Utilities
    (Electricity,Insurance, Termite Insp & Bond, Dumpsters)
  • Administrative / Supplies
    (Management, Office Supplies, Postage and Box Rental, Records Storage)
  • Professional
    (Legal / CPA )
  • Maintenance
    (Landscaping and Tree Care, Gutters, Drainage, Gen. Building & Grounds, Waterline Repairs)
  • Misc
    (Web Site, etc)
  • Reserve Funding
    (See Reserves)

2016 Reserved Funds: About $160,000
Data is in the process of being updated.
  • Capitol Improvements: $120,000
  • Contingency: $20,000
  • Waterline Repairs Contingency: $20,000

  • The Waterline Repairs Contingency Funding line item was established in 2009 as a result of amendments passed in the end of 2008, however, the actual funding for this item has not been assessed to the owners at the time of this budget. UPDATE(2015) Funding has been assigned using available funds in Reserved Funding, thereby avoiding a specific special assessment that would have been in addition to normal assessments.
  • PENDING CAPITAL IMPROVEMENT: Replacement of Mailboxes (Projected delayed due to lack of available qualified contractors)

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